As an adjunct to physical therapy (and any medical intervention) and of course an entirely independent and self-reliant lifestyle choice, there is a great deal that any individual can do to promote their own health and well-being.

The Human body is designed for ‘movement’ and activity — rather than sitting at a desk all day long. If we have to do this, because our occupation requires it, then it’s important to do at least some physical exercise, and here in NZ we are spoilt for choice, as there are many activities to choose from.

It is important to do what we can — even if this is only walking or cycling (for good cardiovascular fitness) as muscles are designed for constant movement, rather than holding a fixed position for too long.

The Human body is a truly amazing cellular biological self-regulating mechanism — and if you need some motivation and inspiration then then please see this video:

Show video: People are awesome 2013 science edition

We can choose our level of exercise and activity according to and appropriate to our level of fitness and age, for it is not how old we are, but how fit we are that matters. If, of course, you are in poor health, perhaps recovering from recent illness or injury, or currently have a low level of fitness, then there are still many things you can do, and the following pages contain many suggestions, examples and resources. Don’t think about it too much — just do it.

General Health is important in that it helps generate what Osteopaths like to call a ‘physiological reserve’ or ‘reservoir of compensation’ that can accommodate musculoskeletal strain before pain and discomfort becomes severe.

Healthy tissues are more resilient to injury and can recover faster. What Acupuncturists would call abundant ‘qi’ and ‘blood’ without imbalance, blockage, deficiency or stasis.

Although stating the obvious, a reasonable work / life balance, with adequate exercise, sufficient rest and sound sleep, a nutritious and varied diet, with no or low or moderate consumption of alcohol and stimulants (caffeine) are all important.

Perhaps even more important is mental-emotional state, and what the Ancients called ‘Healthy mind, Healthy body’ (from the Latin, sana mens, sana corpore). One supports the other: Bodymind.




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